Any facility can have safety issues, there is a special need to make sure the workplace is equipped with the best materials and has the best structural design to support safety. 

Your employees and visitors expect a safe environment - it’s critical for everything from creating trust to having an attractive look to morale and efficiency.  When people are involved with heavy equipment, machines with moving parts, and substances like grease, oil, and chemicals, are in use, your organization needs to focus on avoiding accidents.

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Flooring Issues

Having items like specially formulated and installed a Shop Floor Epoxy System can save your company time, money, and reputation.


Epoxy flooring has the ability to enhance the prevention of slips and falls, as well as any other work-related accidents. Most shops have concrete floors have been in service for years and have had spills, grease and oil that may or may not have been removed correctly.

Concrete floors tend to deteriorate over time. They need to be resurfaced – or replaced - as soon as possible once they have become damaged or worn. Completely replacing concrete is expensive and time-consuming. Time for bids, disruption of business for days, lost employee hours – it’s a crucial management concern. It costs too much and wastes too much time.

improving the appearance of worn-out or damaged floors is not the key issue. What’s important is avoiding accidents and improving efficiency by having clean, safe flooring solution. But, to avoid wasting time and money, there needs to be immediate repair that can be done cost-effectively without huge downtime.

Too many firms go for a “quick fix,” that will only work for a short time – this needs to be avoided. The solution needs to be something that can be done in a short period of time and can provide the maximum strength long life, resistance to chemicals, oil/grease, and not cost a fortune.

Epoxy Shop Floor System

Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring has the experience, technology, and trained personnel to install an Epoxy Shop Floor System specifically designed to resurface concrete that is past its prime. Shop Floor Epoxy installations are designed to provide the right coating to concrete for areas that are exposed to high impact from equipment or activity.

This system is designed to stand up under the negative effects of hefty items, traffic from heavy equipment and people. It resists the effects of oil, grease, and chemicals including stains. It is seamless, requires minimal maintenance and even looks good.

Less Expense and Less Downtime


The cost is much lower than other methods of solving flooring problems – a small fraction of what it would cost to replace concrete inside a building.

Installation Time

An Epoxy Shop Floor coating installation can be done within 3 days – even large spaces can be scheduled and done - section by section – easily.  (After the 3rd day, primarily for curing, there are no strong odors and except for the heavy equipment, the floor is usable.)

Easy-to-Clean and Maintain AND Durable

Cleaning maintenance is simple and requires minimal effort, as long as it occurs in a timely manner and only recommended cleaning items (commonly available anywhere) are used.

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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