Industrial operations have many fast-moving people and machines.  Operations create a significant amount of wear – and even abuse.  Heavy machinery and mobile units, such as forklifts, can cause gouges, scratches, and abrasion. 

Chemicals, oils, grease, and other harsh and corrosive materials are especially hard on floors.  Even foot traffic and intrusion by occasional crates and metal items can create issues with an industrial floor, particularly when a great dealing of moving and shoving of heavy items takes place on a daily basis.

Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring has successful experience installing floor coatings in industrial locations, based on our understanding of the requirements for flooring in those tough environments.  We will do everything to make sure that your floors will be as structured for safety as they are for toughness and durability.  Our process ensures it.

Epoxy Flooring Makes Sense

Any company is making a significant but prudent investment when it decides to resurface an older concrete floor with epoxy.  In addition to making the space where is applied more productive by remedying cracks, gouges, and scrapes with a durable and long-lasting epoxy floor, you get some significant side benefits.

Durability at a Reasonable Cost

When the concrete floors in industrial locations began to be rutty and hard to navigate, it’s a good bet that something needs to get done. Completely tearing out and replacing a concrete floor is a very expensive and time-consuming process. The cost and loss of work time is enormous, so resurfacing with coating may be a cost- effective solution.

Epoxy coating the floors is a great solution and, compared to tearing out and replacing all the concrete, it’s a bargain. It’s durable enough to deal with all the “moving parts” that occur in an industrial setting. Epoxy is resilient enough to deal with pallets, sliding boxes, forklifts, and foot traffic – plus more.

Other benefits - it can help create a safer workplace because it provides good traction with the addition of slip resistance – much better than plain cement – so employees are at a greatly reduced risk for from slips and falls – which not only disrupts our busines but can also cause valuable employees to become injured and set the stage for workers’ comp claims.

The good looks of epoxy/resinous coatings also make it easier to organize and maintain a revived, new look, which usually makes workers feel better about being at work and makes it easier for them to maintain efficiency. Morale is an important issue and having a “nice” workplace helps employees take pride in their work space.

Meeting Different Requirements

Some activities require a different formulation of epoxy to handle a harder or heavier load. Philadelphia Epoxy flooring has the technology and experience to provide customized variations to take care of virtually every type of special requirements without breaking the budget.

We know that determining the right type of floor coating can be complicated, but we will help you and your staff through the decision process and not just give you a “will fit” solution that may or may not work. We come to your location, complete a very thorough assessment and then talk to you and your staff. people This helps everyone going throughout the education process of finding the solution that works best for your team and facility.

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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