About Philly Epoxy

Emerging as the go-to provider for all residential, commercial, and industrial floor installation, Phil Epoxy’s mission statement is to have happy, satisfied customers. Every transaction is done with the utmost transparency and we do all we can to ensure our clients stay informed on what we offer from our competitive pricing, superior products, and excellent turnaround time.

Phil Maisano, CEO & Founder

Known for his expertise and exceptional method, Phil Maisano entered the floor installation industry out of high school and immersed himself in the work over the following 33 years. This immersion allowed him to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry and establish his superior technique.

As he further developed his technique and knowledge base, he became aware of the need for a company more focused on providing services at a lower cost. This realization led to the development of Philly Epoxy, the leading company in the floor installation industry.


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