The epoxy flooring system

Epoxy flooring systems combine the base coating products with other “ingredients” to add color, dimensionality, eye-popping effects, and special characteristics.The options for epoxy flooring are constantly growing. What was once just a simple process, where your only choices were solid grey or solid tan coating, have evolved.

Besides a wide variety of colors, there are also enough specialized décor options and very task-specific varietals applications to make any designer, architect, or end user happy once engineered capabilities are understood. Many add-ons also provide dimensional choices for coatings that enhance cleanability while also providing added slip resistance.

Specific coating applications are engineered to accommodate a large variety of needs. They are varied and available in many formats. Some have qualities that are particularly valuable for use in a specialized environment. Other are more creative, in that they add extra, customizable personality traits.

We can provide these systems to give you whatever you have in mind for specific end uses, or help you get wildly – or mildly – creative.

Whatever YOUR needs, Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring will be happy to work with you on achieving a first-class solution. Sometimes, the costs for the most exotic finishes or strength variants will cost a good deal more than a standard installation, so please be prepared for an estimate that gives what you want but may be a bit – or a lot – more than you anticipated having to invest to get the effect or extra qualities.

Epoxy Systems

Basic system This includes proper preparation Usually by diamond grinding the substrate sufficient to provide that correct profile thus providing sufficient bond. Once sufficient preparation has been achieved, an epoxy primer (normally a concrete vapor control primer) is then applied. After completion of the prime coat, the resinous coating suitable for the task is then applied followed by a final top coat that is scratch and mar resistance along with the ability to add additional slip resistance.

In most cases, this will be perfectly suited for the use that the space in which it is installed will be used. Solid colors are the norm for this application and will have a long service life with few if any problems as long as the customer for whom we installed is reasonably careful about the maintenance of the product.


One affordable, durable, and attractive addition is Decorative Flake. When installed correctly, without short cuts, it’s designed to add variation to the surface of the coating. It’s crafted to put some additional substance and color into the finished coating, while also providing extreme durability and in cases where a floor can be damaged, makes it easy and inexpensive to fix.

This system is typically used in rooms that will be used both for day-to-day activities, and also for more social situations. In most cases, this is commonly done to put a little more liveliness into the floor, although the flake is dimensional and can add a certain amount of additional traction.

Application of flakes is usually the last thing that is done before the final scratch and mar resistant coating is applied to
the installation.


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Shop Floor SYSTEM

Shop floors, whether they are in an industrial setting, retail or commercial area, require greater strength and resiliency because
of the heavy traffic and usage they have to accommodate. Shop floors can be used for heavy equipment, large pieces of raw material that has to moved around or any number of other things.

The epoxy formulation to be used here has been adjusted to support substantial weights being carried across the floor by some sort of wheeled cart or piece of material handling equipment. There also may be cases where heavy objects will be stacked or even unloaded directly on to the floor.

Whatever the circumstances, the key factor required for shop use is extra strength.


Colored Quartz System

This adds is a special ingredient, colored quartz, for both extra traction and to provide a brilliant and highly attractive quality to the final version of the floor installation. The quartz provides color as well as extreme durability.

Quartz makes the application very attractive, but the additional traction is an important characteristic. This makes for a beautiful but very secure anti-slip surface in areas where both those qualities are highly desirable. As with other special systems, the colored quartz application adds some significant cost to installation.

There are many colors of quartz although as a natural rather than synthetic additive, variations will be part of the overall look of the floor on which the system is applied. For those cases where this effect is desired there is no doubt that those who see it in real life will be awed. This is a truly stunning option.


Urethane Cement System

In situations where the environment is exceptionally harsh, ure thane cement coating has multiple abilities - to withstand extreme temperature changes – thermal shock - as well as very serious traffic are the key points for this option. The most obvious applications would be service in an industrial or commercial cate gory, such as in a brewery, or another location where wildly varying very cold/very hot temperatures are occurring in quick succession.

This type of system is very useful in commercial kitchens and vehicular usage, such as at a vehicle dealer’s shop.

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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