Epoxy Coating Means No More “Nasty” basement issues

Many people grew up in older homes where “down-the-basement-stairs” was a scary and unpopular trip to a place full of cobwebs, broken furniture and – maybe in one corner– the laundry equipment – washer and dryer - and “the furnace.”  In our current time, the need for more usable – and attractive – space means basements are prime space.

An unfinished basement can be a dark, dingey, even scary space – where most people don’t want to spend time. Older basement floors may also have cracks and stains that make them hazardous to navigate and also look unattractive.

Homeowners used to try all types of ways to make the basement neater, cleaner, and less unattractive. That’s when basement space became multi-use space -for doing projects, entertainment, and safe, easy-to-get-to storage and cost- effective living to an already accessible part of your home.

Some early efforts involved carpeting, which is probably an inappropriate choice for basement flooring due to vapor transmission and high humidity levels along with flooding.

If there were any project activities, carpet just didn’t work – in addition, the cost and effort to install it, carpet stained easily and, if it got wet, there was a strong chance of mildew or mold. Plus, vacuuming would not remove much of the debris or spills that occurred, leading to total frustration.

Other efforts for covering were limited and even more expensive. These included linoleum, vinyl tile and even wooden floors. Those were not cheap to purchase, tough to install and presented many other issues. Staining, slipping, mold/mildew, and cleaning issues (not to mention TIME to clean) made those choices very unappetizing.

The frustrated homeowner who would like the basement to at least look neat and wanted to get things organized would probably have ended up just painting the floor. However, paint does not less last very long if there is any substantial traffic or work being done. In addition, any spills tended to be permanent.

The question of safety also comes into play. While linoleum, vinyl tile, wooden floors, and paint LOOK okay, there is always a potential for slipping , especially if something has been spilled on them and NOT removed quickly.

The Solution - Epoxy Floor Coating

Great Answer!

The modern basement is an area of the home that is viewed as a space for many uses.  It has become just another space and considered one of the “rooms” in the home.   However, its uses require it to have significant attributes – durability, ability to resist stains and abrasion, easy and quick to clean.

Today’s lifestyle requires areas for specific activities:

  • The more traditional use for household storage is always part of the equation because today’s homeowners have acquired so much “stuff”
  • Part of it needs to sectioned off, and potentially left - finished or unfinished - for the laundry area
  • One area is needed as e a family room or play area for the kids
  • Dedicated workspace for household projects
  • There are ALWAYS homeowner repair and installation DIY tasks, and hobbies that requires a “shop area”

Prep and Application

Application takes three days

After inspection and determination that the basement slab is in good enough shape for coating:

  1. Cleaning and diamond grinding the basement will occur, so the epoxy coating has a good surface to which it can bond
  2. A concrete vapor control epoxy primer is applied, then two additional, separate applications of epoxy will be to enhance appearance and durability
  3. After the third day – the floor should “rest” cure for a least 24 hours prior to foot traffic and 72 hours prior to heavy traffic.

Epoxy Floor Coating - Advantages for Basements


Tough, Long-lasting, Easy to Maintain

Epoxy coating provides a durable basement floor surface that stands up to all the many different uses today’s homeowners have.  It HAS to be durable to handle big and little toys, work use, foot and pet paw traffic, accidents - dropped tools, knocked down paint cans and more!

That type of usage means the coating has to be abrasion and impact resistant.  It also needs to be kid-proof in other ways – slip-resistance is essential.  Plus, easy maintenance is a must in the crazy-busy household environment of today’s on-the-go lifestyle.


Besides having rock-solid durability and easy to clean, the coating has to be attractive.  There is availability multiple solid base colors and flakes or other decorative elements can be included int in the application as well.  Best of all, the lifespan of epoxy coating is quite long, many years of usage with just routine maintenance.

Safe and Healthy

The first benefit of the complete and unbroken coverage of epoxy coating is that unlike other floor types, there are no places for bacteria to find a home.  This eliminates problems like mold and mildew because they literally have no place to grow and cause problems.

Epoxy floor coatings also provide a much better environment.  Once cured, epoxy does NOT give off any odors or vapors.  Because it is installed seamlessly, there are NO gaps or cracks where debris can accumulate.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the good looks of an epoxy-coated floor is not at all difficult.

Ease of Regular cleaning

  1. Brush off (with a cleaning pad, soft bristle push or broom) or vacuum up dust, dirt, and other substances.
  2. Using a mop and an appropriate light cleaner (check the label on the cleaner to make sure it’s not too caustic) In most instance cleaning can be accomplished using a light dish soap mixed with warm water.
  3. With a clean mop, rinse the surface thoroughly and let it dry.
  4. Clean up spills

Epoxy coatings naturally resist spills “sticking” to its surface, but they should be removed as soon as possible to avoid having them dry on the surface, which may require more serious cleaning efforts.  Resist the urge to use any abrasive items to remove spills.

Grease and oil spills or spots

Consider using a degreasing cleaning solution.  Check the label on the degreaser BEFORE applying it, even though most aren’t a problem, just to make sure that it doesn’t have a caustic ingredient may cause micro abrasions to your floor potentially making it harder to clean over time.

Several applications of the degreaser may be required, so be patient.  Once the surface clean, be sure to rinse it thoroughly to avoid left any residue to dry which may make the surface of the floor appear cloudy or “dirty.”

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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