Retail space is needs to be attractive and provide an inviting look for prospective customers. It’s clearly very important to keep the store clean and looking its best in order to do that. Wear and tear occur in any store, and without finding a way to keep it looking fresh, your business will start to drop off.

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Retailers need to deal with the look of wear and shabbiness in their stores starts to look worn? The inclination of most store keepers is to look for a quick, inexpensive option to bring it back into good shape. However, that type of “quick fix” usually only works for a little while and can actually make things worse.

The biggest area that shows signs of being in need of renovation is often the floor. Shelves are usually stocked with merchandise and with most stores there are only a few windows that can be dressed. Flooring condition is almost always the most glaring area of need and can be the most difficult to resolve.

Even the most experienced retailer has problems figuring the right retail flooring system. Almost all stores have hard surface floors, usually made of concrete. For many stores, the concrete has been painted or polished, although some may be
covered with vinyl tile or some form of linoleum (all of which have seams).

Installing clay or any hard tile is going to be expensive and they involve grout, take a long time to install lay down, and still cause problems because of uneven wear leading to bumps and ruts, plus it takes an enormous amount to do AND the cost
of labor is mind-boggling.

What is the best solution?

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Epoxy Answers

If the concrete is in good shape, you could try painting, but that doesn’t hold up under even moderate traffic. Tile, even if it is vinyl, is expensive and, again, doesn’t hold up long. Because the constant foot traffic, plus any store merchandisers or ramblers and even low-jacks or tow motors, catch on the edges and cause damage.

Stripping and waxing the floor doesn’t do a lot of good, particularly if there are stains and uneven colors - even scratches or gouges – which defy any form of compound or even light sanding. This can become considerably expensive over of time. A solution may be to consider a durable coating epoxy coating system.

Epoxy Floor Coating to the Rescue

Epoxy Floor Coating

Because it goes directly over the base concrete and bonds permanently to it, epoxy/resinous coatings often make the most sense. While there is a cost to its application, the benefits – including lifespan – often outweigh short-term cost with

It normally takes three days for an entire installation which includes, preparation (diamond grinding), patch work and 3 epoxy/resinous coats. Epoxy coating is probably the least intrusive and most durable way to handle the problem. By providing the correct diamond grinding equipment, We’re able to adequately profile a substrate for adequate adhesion which is one of the most important steps to ANY coating process.


Other advantages are equally impressive:

• The surface is very tough and highly resistant to scratches and abrasions
• Because it is impermeable - a solid covering, with no seams or bumps or unevenness
- It doesn’t hold odors, water or other spills just wipe up
- Rolling carts or other wheeled equipment over it is easy
- Staining is often not a problem – most spilled liquids or
smudges are easy to remove
• Cleaning is much easier to accomplish– no buffing or
polishing, just cleaning, brushing, and rinsing, in most cases.
Plus, it is very attractive - there are many colors and designs that can be tailored to fit. Colors and texture can be created with various types of broadcast materials that include, quartz, chips, metallics, etc..


Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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