Restaurants require a great deal of attention to floor care.  Foodservice creates many wet surfaces, with staff hurrying, spills, as well as a need for the best sanitation and look.  These everyday circumstances and concerns these make epoxy or urethane cement floor coatings an ideal solution for restaurants.

Epoxy Floor Coating Advantages for Foodservice?

Sanitation is the most critical issue for successful restaurant or foodservice operation - Restaurants or other foodservice locations that can be cited or even closed for not having safe conditions in their kitchens or storage spaces.  That type of situation can destroy their reputation in a hurry.  Mold, mildew, and other bacterial problems can put a foodservice operation in jeopardy of having to close.

Regular maintenance is critical for keeping kitchens and storage spaces clean, and flooring is one area that needs constant care to maintain a bacteria-free condition.  No matter how cleaning is done, the cracks and joints in uncoated flooring can be a safe haven for all those nasty problems.

Epoxy or urethane cement coatings for the floors eliminate the breeding ground for insects and bacteria.   Because epoxy and urethane cement coatings are seamless and non-porous so bacteria growth, especially when it is continued with a hand troweled sanitary cove base that integrates with the new floor. This helps promote a much easier cleaning process and eliminates the ability for dirt and other unwanted debris from resting within the areas between the wall and the floor. We’ve heard that health inspectors love it!

Foodservice operations need to be CLEAN and Look at all times - When a guest sees a floor that looks dirty or stained, it could easily lead to them leaving and not coming back.  Everyone who enters a restaurant is going to look at the floors because they are usually very visible.

Odors - Odor in a foodservice location is a major concern.  Nobody wants to be served food that arrives from a kitchen that smells bad.  Spills and debris from cooking equipment can also create a smell problem.  Because epoxy and urethane cement coatings have a non-porous surface, wiping dirt, food, grease and other substances from the floor is much easier.

Slips - Resistance Accidents can happen in every type of foodservice operation.  Cutting implement, hot stoves, tight spaces, hurrying people – AND cuts and bruises happen too often in those spaces.  Slips, however, are the worst problem.  A staff member or, even worse, a guest who slips and falls can be more than a simple problem.  A slip can lead to headlines and lawsuits. Epoxy and urethane cement floor coatings can be tailored to meet specific slip resistance requirements.

Cleanup - People who are on their feet all day aren’t necessarily excited about washing pots, pans, and kitchen equipment, let alone floors.  Epoxy and urethane cement coatings help provide a non-sticky surface that is much easier to keep clean than any virtually any other floor surface. It makes cleaning go quicker and be easier.

Installation Cost and Time - Epoxy and urethane cement coatings offer great value – in terms of timesaving and keeping staff focused on food instead of cleaning drudgery.  And, with only a 2-3-day period needed for a coating application that should last for years – it’s a long-term bargain!

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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