Color samples are not to be considered exact. Color may vary due to job site conditions, different product batches, or different technique. Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring recommends obtaining an actual color sample for best representation.

Chips put a little “wow” into a solid color! The brightness of a complementary chip added to a base color can change the feeling in the entire room. You can be cool, classy, contemporary, or just calm by using chips to offer a change in the feeling in the room.

Whichever chip you choose, it won’t “fight with” or reduce the feel of the base color. Size and placement will be variable based on whether you want a loose or tight pattern. Believe it or not, the amount of chips makes a difference in the overall look, so make SURE the one you pick will work will for a long time.


Flake chips also add to the durability and long life of the floor coating. They will tend to create a 3-dimensional look that will also add to the grip that shoes will have on the floor. Thick or thin, chips/flakes are fun. It’s always good to spend quality time thinking about how the chip will work with the base color – OVER TIME - before selecting a final choice.

Whichever chip you pick can add dimension and feeling to the entire floor – and the space as well! Ask Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring for some suggestions! They have great experience with chip choice and will steer you in the right direction. Chip floors are a great way to have the maximum value, long-term maintenance and durability. When we install them, they will last a long time and guarantee the best long-term value possible.

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