Veterinary facilities have to stand up to the non-stop traffic of animals scratching and running, as well as the constant back and forth of their owners, vet techs and doctors.   These locations need flooring that will handle the abrasion from animals.

The original/base concrete floor will have cracks and seams that can harbor odors and germs, because unprotected concrete floor slabs are porous, and absorb many substances.  That means from spills or housebreaking accidents that can create an unsanitary and unprofessional image in customers’ minds.

Epoxy coatings installed over worn concrete floors provide a surface that is solid and resistant to animal waste, odor absorption, staining and the harsh cleaners used for sanitation.  Without a properly installed and durable floor coating, veterinary facilities are susceptible to wear and scratches from constant animal traffic.

Certain areas of a veterinary building, such as areas where bathing takes place will require higher slip resistance than examination or check in areas. Non-slip surfaces are critical for the safety of both the animals and any medical staff involving in bathing or grooming.

Epoxy Coatings Benefits

Epoxy coatings provide great benefits for veterinary locations

Like most businesses, veterinary clinics can’t afford long periods of downtime for flooring installation. Epoxy installations often require a three-day installation along with a 2-3 day curing period.  While it’s understandable that no downtime is favorable, various accommodations can be accomplished to work around the schedules of most busy facilities.

Resistance to Mold and Mildew

Most resinous coatings are non-porous.  Therefore, mold, bacteria and pathogen growth are restricted to the surface of a flooring area making them easier to remove with normal cleaning practices.


Epoxy and resinous coatings are very durable and can withstand the day-to-day activity from animals and human foot traffic.  They have long lifespans and can be maintained efficiently with  most common cleaning methods and materials.  Its superior resistance to stains and scratches also helps to maintain a sanitary and attractive condition for many years.


Epoxy has strong chemical resistance and is to resist any normal product used to clean up urine and animal waste, as well as sanitizing cleaners. Because it has exceptional acid, alkaline and chemical resistance, it not only withstands exposure to animal wastes, but also handles chemical cleaning agents needed for sanitizing.

Resistance to Slips

Epoxy coatings provide excellent slip resistance.  They can be engineered to provide the proper amount of non-slip while also not being too hard for the delicate pads of animals as they walk on the surface.  This fine-tuning is a great benefit.

Attractive Colors and Designs

There are a great number of color possibilities with epoxy coatings, including a multitude of colors and patterns that will add a cheery flair and brightness to any facility while still maintaining durability and cleanability.


Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring can install the best floor finish in any veterinary operation quickly, economically and with solid long-term performance.  We stand by our estimates and behind our work because we want customers for life.

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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