Veterinarian Epoxy Flooring

For vets, sanitation is a huge concern. It is necessary to have a floor coating that is durable, easy to clean, and seamless to help keep germs and bacteria out.

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Recommended Coatings

High Build Epoxy Coatings –

High build epoxy floor systems are designed for industrial and commercial floor applications in areas that receive moderate traffic and chemical exposure. High build epoxy coatings create a high performance floor that is also easy to maintain.

Epoxy Cove Base –

Epoxy cove base is troweled along the walls to create a seamless solution joining the wall with the floor.

Broadcast Floor System –

Decorative epoxy quartz systems are used for aesthetic appeal and are used in light to medium traffic areas. These floors create a chemical resistant, seamless, durable, and non-slip surface.

Animal Care / Veterinarian Epoxy Flooring

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