Epoxy floor coatings are commonly used to provide a superior coating for concrete flooring in all types of commercial situations. Epoxy coatings can definitely be applied over worn concrete floors and can also be used in new construction to avoid the wear and damage that uncoated concrete can have.

The reason that epoxy is used is simple - when it is professionally installed by Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring, it will provide a high-performance surface that will last for years and withstand the wear and tear of commercial use.

Commercial processes usually involve heavy traffic and – in many cases - heavily loaded containers or equipment being moved around a location. The same condition exists in retail locations or commercial office buildings. Owners and operators depend on epoxy floors to maintain clean and safe conditions for workers, equipment, and inventory, while also providing professional appearances for the prospective and existing customer who come into their facilities.


The coatings we provide make old floors look like new for a long, long, long time.

We are constantly researching products that improve our ability to better serve customers as well as learning about new methods designed for each environment a customer may have. Like everybody else who cares about their customers, we don’t sell low-quality products, don’t cut corners, and don’t try and push one type of coating or product for every customer. It’s very important to pick the correct type of coating and application to suit the environment and aesthetic target of EVERY unique customer.

Surface Preparation


The expert installation crews of Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring begin with an inspection to ensure that there no issues with the installation process. Once that inspection has been successfully completed, the actual work will be scheduled to meet customer mobilization needs.

Flooring Options – Epoxy
versus Polyaspartic

Epoxy and Urethane Coatings

Urethane Cement is a highly durable flooring system offered by Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring, with coatings designed to hold up to the harshest of environments. This system provides a high tolerance for moisture transmission allowing us to install the coating over freshly poured concrete and remove the necessity of an epoxy vapor guard. This system can withstand thermal shock and high impact making it a perfect floor for kitchen floors, mezzanine areas, forklift traffic, auto service bays, and food storage areas.

Urethane Cement Facts

Components for EXTREME durability
Urethane cement is a combination of a polymer binder(urethane) and concrete. (cement and aggregate.) The individual elements have great strength. Combining these elements into urethane concrete takes advantage of a chemical bonding between the durability of the polymeric characteristics in urethane with the pure strength of cement and added structural composition of aggregate. The result is a remarkably tough substance.

Superior Resistance to Chemicals, Moisture, and Thermal Shock
Regular cement is highly porous and can help promote bacterial growth and while it’s strong, it can be brittle.
Standard epoxy coating is durable and will hold up relatively well on flooring installation projects in commercial and industrial environments where moisture and vapor transmission are common and can be used for some applications involving some chemicals and thermal shock when formulated and installed correctly.
As coating to concrete, urethane cement coating is VERY resistant to moisture and vapor transmission, chemicals, and thermal shock. When it is applied to flooring inside or out, it is resistant to the harshest environments in any industry.


Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings is a rare and a relatively new technology,a hybrid coating type that has become very due to the speed of its curing process. Polyaspartics often provide an excellent top-coat.

This technology offers very good color and gloss retention. It performs well as a top- coat while providing better versatility to lower temperature cure cycles. Polyaspartics are also UV stabile.

Primary Uses

It is used for exterior concrete where faster installations are required.
Quicker Drying Time and Other Benefits Polyaspartic coatings have become popular because the base chemistry can be manipulated to suit varying applications – quick cure times help provide for a faster installation turnaround, time resulting in less downtime to a customer.


The choice of coatings is a major consideration in how we will quote and plan the job. The coating type we recommend will be the best choice for durability and long service life. We don’t just do the quickest and cheapest work, our work is designed to stand the test of time and use.

Various coating technologies have their place and Columbus Epoxy Flooring will recommend the best system in terms of durability, resistance to traffic, chemicals, cleaning and cost effectiveness. We work hard at finding the right solution because our customers depend on us and we appreciate and depend on them!

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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