Breweries and Distilleries have become destination and entertainment locations, not just production facilities, they are some of the most popular places for fun. Their floors not only need to work hard, they also need to look good doing it.  As more and more of these operations open, looking good – including flooring - has to be part of the total appeal for consumers.

Breweries, and distilleries (including vineyard/entertainment venues) need to have good looks as well as good products.  The public and production areas both have to be visually attractive and efficient while providing areas that can stand up to constant cleaning and thermal shock.

Production Areas - There are issues here - very expensive pieces of industrial equipment have to be productive at all times and look good doing it.  A good part of appeal to consumer visiting brewing and distilling locations is an impressive display of the stainless-steel tanks and complex equipment to make the alcoholic beverages that are so popular.  The bright appearance of a beautiful and practical epoxy-coated floor is adds to the positive impression it gives to your facility.

Sanitation.  Cleanliness is important for your facility.  The need for hygiene is critical in allowing the processes of storing, fermenting, packaging, and distribution of the finished product is number one in priority.

This is also a significant question for the “retail” side of the business where patrons can enjoy the working area while consuming the product in very plush surroundings. Cleanliness and good looks are very important.

Safety/Sanitation – Superior Capabilities of Urethane Cement Coatings - The seamless finish of urethane cement provide resistance to stains and spills along with the built-in ability to help eliminate areas where bacteria and dirt can lodge AND allow for efficient cleanup.

In addition to producing a stain-resistant surface and being easy to clean, a urethane cement floor can handle all sanitary concerns because of its unique ability to eliminate surface flaws where organism and debris can harbor.

In terms of achieving production needs, urethane cement is tough, durable, slip resistant and can resist thermal shock – the damage done to other floors during the frequent shift from red hot to cold temperature which are part of the process of making alcoholic beverages.  Its slip-resistance also makes the workplace safer. Ultimately, this helps with health and safety inspection concerns along with minimizing the risk of injured employees.

Providing a charming sipping and dining spot for retail patrons with a tough flooring system This product produces a finished coating installation that is attractive with a unique and beautiful surface. A vast array of colors and designs can be custom tailored to help create an impressive gathering place.

Preparation and Installation

The expert installation crews of Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring begin with an inspection to ensure that there no issues with the installation process.  Once that inspection has been successfully completed, the actual work will be scheduled to meet customer mobilization needs.

The entire process of any high-quality installation begins with proper floor preparation by mechanically diamond grinding or shot blasting prior to the coating process. After a floor is properly prepared, the a multiple coating process is conducted, often involving the use of a urethane cement, silica broadcast and urethane top-coat.

A regular cleaning process should then be developed and maintained without the complex nature of many flooring alternatives such as quarry tile (No grout lines).

Unmatched Beauty, Durable Strength.

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