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Philadelphia Epoxy Flooring offers a complete range of colors of epoxy flooring coatings which makes it easy for you to get the right look for any flooring need. No matter the color you want for your basement, garage, shop, commercial space, or industrial facility – you can find a great one right here.


Whether you’re interested in the flooring color for your basement, garage, shop, commercial space, or industrial facility – you can find a great one right here.

So Choose Carefully!

All the colors we offer are clear and strong, plus they will not fade over time given the APPROPRIATE top-coat which resists abrasion and most common chemicals, they will last a long, long time and can easily be cleaned to maintain the right color for the right location.

Make your choice based on reviewing each color and consider what will match the most important items in the spaces in which they will be used. It’s important to consider floor color is a large part of the visual aspect of any room or space. It makes good sense to carefully consider your suitable choice. Color variations are endless and we’re happy to work with you throughout the process.

You can even add a number of accents to any solid color to provide a color POP, so don’t feel that everything has to be a monotone! But don’t it’s a good idea not to pick a “fad” color that might not appear attractive in a few years. Colors and “looks” can fade quickly.

So choose for the long run!

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